Sunday, December 02, 2007

Heated toilet seats are the greatest!

Now that it is Winter weather here, I am really appreciating a heated toilet seat, especially in the middle of the night! In the shopping centres in the heat of Summer, I didn't think it was such a good idea, but now it is appreciated.
The toilet in our house has a remote control hand-piece on which the English translations have been written for our benefit. On two occasions now, when we have had Japanese visitors to our house, they come out baffled and say 'I have no idea how to flush your toilet'!
While on the subject of toilets, I am amazed at how well equipped toilets in shops and restaurants are. Every need is catered for. If you have a baby, there is a baby high chair in the corner, if you have a toddler, there is both a miniature toilet and a miniature urinal - sometimes all of these are in the adult cubicle so Mum can take care of the whole family. As well, of course there is the fold down change table, along with the disinfectant spray to wipe the seat and the hand dryer which really dries. Well done Japan!

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