Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Latest news from Warren and Jan

Meet Sally O'Neissy and Kisane Fairhurst - by the grace of God, on their way to Yokkaichi in June to teach English at Soai Christ Church.

Well, it has taken us a few weeks to settle back in and feel at home in our house, but we are enjoying it very much.  We are so privileged to have a home that others have been able to use, and that we enjoy living in.  

We have not forgotten our time in Yokkaichi or the wonderful friends that we have left behind.  We were very excited to hear about Sally deciding to go to Japan.  Here are some of the people who came to our house to hear about the work at Soai.
In April we hosted a 'roll your own sushi' dinner at our home to to give Sally the chance to talk about her decision to go to Yokkaichi.  That evening Bec Gater did a demonstration on how to make sushi and another young lady, Kisane Fairhurst spoke to us of her interest to also go to Japan.  Kisane has now made a decision to go and we are so glad to know that 2 young ladies will be heading to Yokkaichi in mid-June to carry on the Soai English School.

We were glad to be home to celebrate with Chris and Jo on the birth of Toby James on 17th April.  All are doing quite well although sleep-deprived.

We are looking forward to a vist from Chiko-san and her family in August.  We trust that this will be a forward step in the ongoing link between CCC and Soai Christ Church.