Monday, May 12, 2008

Nothing like tradition!

The front gate is open ready to receive our morning English students who are coming to share in a tea ceremony and then enjoy devonshire tea together.

Here are Yoko-san and Yachio-san ready to get to work in preparation.

We have opened up the loungeroom big wooden double doors. it is a beautiful Spring day and we want to enjoy the cool breeze.

In the kitchen there is much preparation going on.

Many beautiful pieces are pottery were put out in preparation for the tea ceremony. The sweet rice cakes were beautifully presented. Yachio-san made the green tea - you can see some in the brown piece of pottery.

Now, for the surprise, Yachio-san has brought two of her own kimonos and plans to dress up Jan. So Asaka-san, Yachio-san and Jan head off upstairs.

What a new experience for me!
There are many layers involved and it is quite hot. The dresses were exquisite!

We enjoyed each other's company very much.

Now for the pink kimono! What a beautiful colour.

Time to say goodbye.

But it is hard to say goodbye.
See you next time.