Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Friends from Brisbane

Ian and Pam arrived on 2nd November to spend a few weeks visiting with us and seeing our corner of Japan.

There are plenty of wonderful sights at the moment with the Autumn leaves in full show. We spent a very nice day in Nara Park. We saw shinto shrines, a buddhist temple, beautiful forests and plenty of deer.

Ian had his fare share of pottery places to visit. At this particular shop, Pam found an iron treasure which she took back to Australia.

We spent three days visiting the Takayama area. It was about 2 1/2 hours north west by train. It is actually further north than Tokyo. The Autumn leaves were at their peak.

We thoroughtly enjoyed this village of very old Japanese houses.

Back at Yokkaichi, we visited more pottery places and a local museum.

These beautiful old wood kilns were being loaded for a firing. Our pots turned out to have great character!!!

This pottery place is quite close to out house - but out in the middle of rice paddies and off the road so that you would not know that it is there.

Now we settle back to life with just ourselves and the cold weather. We had some beautiful snow at the top of our local mountains.

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