Sunday, March 01, 2009

The first of the 'goodbyes'!

On Saturday night we were invited to a farewell party organised by our two morning English classes. It was held at a small cafe down the road from our house in Nishiyama. Keiko-san hired a pianist for the evening so that we could enjoy some music and so that she could sing some of her favorite 'chansons' (french songs) to us.

She sang beautifully ad we all enjoyed the 73 yr old pianist.
Here is Keiko-san singing to us.

Here are Tracy and the other Keiko-san who were sitting with us. The evening was not without tears. Each person stood up at the microphone and said something very special to us using English. It was all very nice and special.

Some of these ladies will be coming to Brisbane for home stay in October this year.

Here is the back of Asaka and the wonderful spread of food that we enjoyed. We were presented with a wonderful large bouquet of flowers and were clapped out of the cafe on our way home. What a treat the night was.
What we are most grateful for are the friendships that have been made with these ladies - both with us and with each other. None of these ladies had contact with Soai church before beginning English studies. They are all planning to come to church on Easter Sunday and sing a 'gospel song' in English that we have been practising Time will lead them. What a treat that will be.
Can you see the bunch of flowers on top of the piano?