Monday, November 14, 2011

The Myers are back on line November 2011

We originally started blogging when we were living in Yokkaichi, Mie Japan. Since returning from there, we have sold up and down-sized to an apartment in Corinda. The move was not easy but we trust the living here will be easier.

We are quite close to our church and the railway station. We are both retired but busy helping as volunteers in different ways. Our God has been very gracious to us in providing a good home church and good health.

We are missing our family - Chris and Joanna and Phil, Lucy, Kathryn and Toby who are adventuring in London for two years.

We are very happy to have Liz and Jeff very close by to keep an eye on us.

Will add some up to date pictures very soon.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

June update

As winter begins in Brisbane, we are looking forward to seeing what our God will do through Soai Christ Church in Yokkaichi. Tim is enjoying his time there and will be the one to introduce Sally and Kisane to life in Japan and the work of the English school. They plan to leave on 26th June and will arrive in Yokkaichi on 27th. They are both awaiting their certificates of eligibility so that they can apply for their visas. The timing will be tight and we thank Peter Bakelaar for his hard work and diligence in making application for these certificates.

Jan has begun her part-timeob working at the church office as the administrator.
She has a lot of learning to be able to do this job well. Warren has been attending English conversation classes which are held in different part of the city here. These classes are offered for free and are helping the many internationals that are living in Brisbane to practice their English. This program is run by local churches. Warren is hoping and planning to offer such a class here in the western suburbs of Brisbane which is where we live.

Our church is planning to start meeting in a building as a new church in August of this year. We presently have about 20 adults meeting together each Sunday to pray and plan for this new church.

We miss our friends in Japan and are excited to know that some of them will be coming to visit us later this year.

I enjoyed looking after Philip, Lucy and Kathryn on the day their baby brother was born. Philip turns 7 this week.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Latest news from Warren and Jan

Meet Sally O'Neissy and Kisane Fairhurst - by the grace of God, on their way to Yokkaichi in June to teach English at Soai Christ Church.

Well, it has taken us a few weeks to settle back in and feel at home in our house, but we are enjoying it very much.  We are so privileged to have a home that others have been able to use, and that we enjoy living in.  

We have not forgotten our time in Yokkaichi or the wonderful friends that we have left behind.  We were very excited to hear about Sally deciding to go to Japan.  Here are some of the people who came to our house to hear about the work at Soai.
In April we hosted a 'roll your own sushi' dinner at our home to to give Sally the chance to talk about her decision to go to Yokkaichi.  That evening Bec Gater did a demonstration on how to make sushi and another young lady, Kisane Fairhurst spoke to us of her interest to also go to Japan.  Kisane has now made a decision to go and we are so glad to know that 2 young ladies will be heading to Yokkaichi in mid-June to carry on the Soai English School.

We were glad to be home to celebrate with Chris and Jo on the birth of Toby James on 17th April.  All are doing quite well although sleep-deprived.

We are looking forward to a vist from Chiko-san and her family in August.  We trust that this will be a forward step in the ongoing link between CCC and Soai Christ Church.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

The first of the 'goodbyes'!

On Saturday night we were invited to a farewell party organised by our two morning English classes. It was held at a small cafe down the road from our house in Nishiyama. Keiko-san hired a pianist for the evening so that we could enjoy some music and so that she could sing some of her favorite 'chansons' (french songs) to us.

She sang beautifully ad we all enjoyed the 73 yr old pianist.
Here is Keiko-san singing to us.

Here are Tracy and the other Keiko-san who were sitting with us. The evening was not without tears. Each person stood up at the microphone and said something very special to us using English. It was all very nice and special.

Some of these ladies will be coming to Brisbane for home stay in October this year.

Here is the back of Asaka and the wonderful spread of food that we enjoyed. We were presented with a wonderful large bouquet of flowers and were clapped out of the cafe on our way home. What a treat the night was.
What we are most grateful for are the friendships that have been made with these ladies - both with us and with each other. None of these ladies had contact with Soai church before beginning English studies. They are all planning to come to church on Easter Sunday and sing a 'gospel song' in English that we have been practising Time will lead them. What a treat that will be.
Can you see the bunch of flowers on top of the piano?

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Two T's

Tim is having a great time teaching English! It is great to have a young enthusiastic male to teach these kiddies.
Tim-san and Chiko-san are telling a Bible story at the Saturday monring kids club.

Tony Boyd arrived on the 14th February. He is the global missions pastor of CCC in Brisbane. He has come to encourage us, to meet people from Soai and to talk with the leadership of the church. Tony and Tim enjoyed spending time together! - even the Onsen!

Now Tony is back in Brisbane. We have been encouraged by Tony's visit.
We are thrilled to announce that Tim Duncan has decided to stay on here as the English teacher for another 3 months. This will mean that the school will be able to start the new school year in April with Tim as the teacher.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Exciting Days

'I'm the king of the castle' - this is how one man celebrated New Year! It wasn't Warren - but what a beautiful spot he has chosen. This was taken up at Mt Gozaisho.
Bec has been brightening up our days. She has spent 5 weeks in Japan and is now on the way back to sunny Brisbane. Thanks for coming Bec - you were greatly appreciated!

Tim is settling in after almost 3 weeks on the job. He can now drive the car and has taken over quite a few of our lessons. The kids are responding well to him. He has already made a lot of friends.
The way ahead make look tricky but with hindsight we see the Masterplanner at work.

We spent a few days in Kyoto over Christmas. Here is Bec walking in the rain. We followed the Philosopher's Walk and it was magic.

Everyone is on the look out ofr Geishas in an old area of Gion in Kyoto. We were fortunate to see a few when we were there.

Who cares about the historical merits of Hikone castle when you can be entertained this guy!

- or be driven around in this rickshaw!

On Christmas Day we enjoyed fish and chips at an Irish Pub we found at JR station in Kyoto. In the mall next to it was a wonderfully clever water display.

The little girl in red just makes it complet.

This is part of the old water viaduct system in Kyoto - from the canal you saw along the philosopher's walk. Kyoto is a very old city which wasn't bombed in the war.
We have often joked about the resemblance! Whe I was taking this photo - a few Japanese ladies came along, took pictures and remarked on the resemblance. what a joke!

Now to the Ninja castle and demonstration of traditional Ninja skills. These men were originally espionage agents who were trained in stealth.

We had front row seats. A group from our English class went for the day - several of the children came too as it was a school holiday. It was freezing weather. I think the temp went from 4 to -4.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Monkey Business

Here is our lovely persimmon tree. The birds have been enjoying eating the over ripe fruit unti yesterday when the monkeys found it!

There are no more persimmons!!!
This is meant to be a video clip - so here are some more of our monkey pictures. We are standing at the upstairs bedroom window to take these.