Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Two T's

Tim is having a great time teaching English! It is great to have a young enthusiastic male to teach these kiddies.
Tim-san and Chiko-san are telling a Bible story at the Saturday monring kids club.

Tony Boyd arrived on the 14th February. He is the global missions pastor of CCC in Brisbane. He has come to encourage us, to meet people from Soai and to talk with the leadership of the church. Tony and Tim enjoyed spending time together! - even the Onsen!

Now Tony is back in Brisbane. We have been encouraged by Tony's visit.
We are thrilled to announce that Tim Duncan has decided to stay on here as the English teacher for another 3 months. This will mean that the school will be able to start the new school year in April with Tim as the teacher.


Bobby said...

Hey Guys! That's great that Tim is staying on. Have you started to pack up yet? Things are going well here in Yamaguchi :)
I think about you often. Thanks for being such gracious hosts!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! It's the Browns!