Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sakura - Japan in Spring

We made it back from Beijing at the peak time of the famous cherry blossoms time. The Pastor and his wife very kindly drove us to a local area where there are 1000 cherry blossom trees planted on either side of a river with a road on the side and many narrow bridges that cross over it.

Here are Jan and Hama sensei wanting to outdo the blossoms!

At night time there are lanterns in the trees and people sit under the blossom trees and celebrate with food and saki.

We were so pleased to get to see Spring at its best.

These trees are in sight of our church building - just across the valley in the carpark of a golf course.


I think I like the pink best but the white are beautiful.


Anonymous said...

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Phantom said...

Hi i'm from South Africa and i have to say i love the japanese culture and it scenery.great blog,wish u all the best in your time spent there

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