Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I really did it this time!

We were visiting the kindergarten sports day. Some of our students were performing.

Then, there was the race for grandparents. We were encouraged to participate. We had to roll the big ball and compete against another team. All went well until at the finish line we were all given a small bottle containg yellow liquid as a thank you for participating. I made the false assumption that it was a drink - it looked like lipton's iced tea - and took a big swig.

Oh-Agghhh!!!! In front of all those people and with no place to hide...I had swallowed dishwashing detergent.
After this photo I went to clean my mouth out and ended up having to leave as I was ready to spew. My throat burned all the way down. I was quite ill. We went home and I nursed my sore throat and irritated stomach. What a fool I felt.
The next day at church, they read the label to us. It said, if ingested, drink plenty of water and go straight to the hospital. Well - I hadn't done that and it took a few days to recover.

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