Friday, October 12, 2007

Autumn has arrived

This past week was a birthday week back at home. Happy birthday to both Chris and Jo and grandson Clay who turned 7.

Our favourite game for this past week has been hangman. From adults down to the 6 yr olds we are enjoying the guessing game. Some hold back from guessing as they can't bear the thought of picking a letter tham may not be in the word. there are lots of ooh's and ahhhs as the word unfolds.

The weather today is beautifully clear. The mountains look very inviting. The tea plantations are being harvested near our house. We need to wear our jackets at night. There are some trees in flower which give off a jasmine-like scent. I think it may also be hay fever season!

We are just finishing another week of teaching. There is good rapport building between our students and the church environs. There is also a growing understanding on our part, of how best to help our students speak and understand good English. Idioms are a mystery to them and to us when we try to explain them. Each day there is some encouragement to us of God's love and sustenance.

We have been excited to see the low airfares advertised by Jetstar from Brisbane to Nagoya. I hope this will encourage some of our friends to make the trip over here. You would truly have a Japanese experience.

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