Sunday, September 09, 2007

Lessons have begun in earnest

These ladies have just finished their first beginner lesson. They are still smiling. They are bright and keen to learn. At the same time in the next room Warren was teaching 4 step up level ladies. A vary faithful and kind lady from the church takes care of keeping records and minding children or talking to mums or grandmothers during the class time. All of this helps to have smooth running classes.

So, our first week of lessons has ended. We have learnt a lot about the abilities of our students. There has been good attendance. I think we are in the 60+ numbers now. Our biggest classes are the adult ones.

This week we are going to introduce tea and coffee time after the English lesson and before the Bible time. We trust this will be a sweetener and provide good conversation.

Several ladies have asked for extra English lessons with just conversation on an informal level. Warren has volunteered to do this. He is using newspaper articles, cartoons expecially 'peanuts' to stimulate conversation.

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