Thursday, August 09, 2007


We have a large bedroom with tatami mats covering the floor. We werre provided with single beds which we have pushed together. Warren has rigged up extension wires from the computer with speakers downstairs and headphones in the bedroom so that we can listen to ABC and BBC radio news. We also have our ipods to listen to our favourite music and CCC sermons. There is not much point watching TV as the programs are not in English. We are getting into a good habit of reading. There is a good bookshop in Yokkaichi which has an English section with a lot of the classics.

Even though our bedroom is upstairs, one night when the window was open, Warren had a frog land on him in bed in the dark. We wonder how that happened! We also have friendly geckos and the usual mosquitoes and cockroaches.

Our office is in the second room upstairs. The third room is very tiny and is full of Japanese bedding supplies. Our office is big enough to also be a guest room for when you come!!!

We do most of our preparation in here and are finding the printer/photocopier to be invaluable. We are going through a lot of printer ink.

Each of these two rooms has an a/c for which we are very thankful. The weather right now in August is extremely hot and humid. The cicadas and frogs are very noisy.

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Tony and Tracy said...

Hey Warren and Jan, I can't get over the story of Warren waking up in the night with a frog on top of him. That doesn't even happen in Alabama?! We are praying for you guys!
Grace, Tony for CCC